OF ZOOS Issue 10.1 – SHOW & TELL


Behind writing (and other art-makings) lies the shadow of story and its performance--whether we're aware of it or not. Issue 10.1 asks for works that engage with storytelling and performance in any form or measure, under any interpretation. We are especially interested to encounter work that interrogates the tensions underlying what it means to perform--on the (web)page vs. on the stage; live vs. belated; to an audience vs. "who/what is an audience?". We want to see explorations of storytelling as oral or written tradition vs. anti-stories (for example, what would storytelling look like if it didn't adhere to established narratives?). And we hope this prompt will inspire playful and revealing projects, especially given our still-socially distanced world.


Send your familiar or upsetting performative works to ofzooseditor@gmail.com for consideration by September 14, 2021. Do include your biography and a brief description of your work and its genesis.



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