Issue 6.1 --  F A I T H L E S S    T R A N S L A T I O N




Tristan Schmurr, "Protected Area"



"The original is unfaithful to the translation." Jorge Luis Borges


For ISSUE 6.1, OF ZOOS would like to probe and explore the multitudinous world of translation, especially asking the question:


How faithless can a "translation" allow itself to be?


We want works that deal not just in approximations and tangents—but also in circles. We want agarations in new dresses (with or without holes). We want both hosts and parasites. As Umberto Eco said, "Translation is the art of failure."


We are calling on all translators—whether professional, amateur, or first-time—as well as artists interested in getting their work translated.


 We will accept submissions of the following natures, or of any other related mutant forms.


1. A faithless translation of a work from or into any language

2. A translator's translation of a work from a language they don't know

3. A translator's translation of a work into a language they don't know

4. An artist's self-translation of their own work

5. A three- or four- or five-way translation circle consisting of different languages

6. A monolingual translation of a nonpoetic work (e.g. a newspaper article, a promotional advertisement, a secondary school essay) into a poetic translation

7. A monolingual translation into "simpler" or "more advanced" language. An Orwellian example.

8. A literary translation of video/visual art/music

9. A video/visual art/musical translation of a literary text

10. Etc.


As we are a literary journal based in English, we would like at least one of the languages involved to be English.


If you are interested in an idea but lack the resources or appropriate contacts to do it, contact us at, and we will arrange to pair you up with an artist or translator to work with.



Please send all submissions to for consideration in issue 6.1 by June 1st, 2017. Include your biography and, if you like, a brief description of your work and its genesis.








 You can find this issue here.