Dialects—pidgins—creoles—vernaculars—jargons—slangs—argots—and other English varieties



“Standard English” is a misnomer.


Languages mutate, morph, and fluctuate. Humans trade, immigrate, and intermarry.

Variance is the key to adaptability and survival; and diversity has always informed our world.


Issue 5.1 invites all artists—whether poets, painters, photographers, or Grammar Nazis—to submit works

that feature or comment on varieties of the English—its accents and its affects.

We want works to celebrate and challenge the third most spoken language in the world.


Please send all submissions to for consideration in issue 5.1 by May 8th 2016.

Include your biography and, if you like, a brief description of your work and its genesis.



Suggested Links


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“There is no right language or wrong language

any more than there are right and wrong clothes.”


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That Mitchell and Webb Look, Series 4, Ep 1


“Little Brown Baby” by Paul Laurence Dunbar


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