Issue 8.1 – C  O  D  E



Alphabet Expanding

—Nick Montfort


…the weird science of computer generated poetry…

—The Verge


“It deepened his understanding of code — ‘unknowns and black holes

just started clicking and clicking and clicking’.”

—“The Tinder Hacker,” The Cut


“Language was a code; language was a shield.”

—“A Brief History of Queer Language Before Queer Identity,” LitHub



Language is a code. For issue 8.1, OF ZOOS would like to solicit your coded and systematic writings (and/or visuals) in any form, interpretation, or variety—whether via digital processes with a computer or via a physical reference source with the good ole’ brain.


We want principled and procedural poetics, works laid out by laws (that perhaps in turn unravel them), rule-abiding and/or rule-nonconforming writings, disparate building blocks that make up a “whole”, signals and symbols that convey, disrupt, or obscure.


How do our modern-day codes generate or inhibit meaning and poetry?


Please send all submissions to for consideration in issue 8.1 by September 15, 2019. Include your biography and, if you like, a brief description of your work and its genesis.








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