For our tenth anniversary, eleven years in with our thirteenth issue, OF ZOOS Issue 11.1 is calling for a deep digging of our archives. We're looking for works that engage with previous OF ZOOS publications in any way or form--riffs, spinoffs, dialogues, critiques, remakes, dramatizations, recordings, what-have-yous. We're hoping you'll take the sentimental out of the retrospective, and explode it into something new.


Additionally, since OF ZOOS has always existed online and never on paper, we'd like to call contributors to submit their archival work that is attuned to the physicality and the fact of paper. We're interested in works in the form of Wordles and puzzles, color-by-numbers, origami, Mad Libs, braille, coupon tear-outs and paper cutouts, and the like. (As editors, we're ready to embrace the challenge that might come with publishing these archival papers in code, among data, on a screen! If the stars align, there might even be a physical print copy of Issue 11.1 to thumb through down the road . . . .) We are also open to featuring work about (and not just in) paper, work that recognises how paper, print, and materials "IRL" confront and direct the way we create and approach art.


Send your archival papers to ofzooseditor@gmail.com for consideration by September 15, 2022. Do include your biography, a brief description of your work, and a link to the original work from the archive.





 You can find this issue here.