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The heron delivers Issue 9.1 — T O G E T H E R  APART, December 2020/January 2021.


What does it mean to be socially distanced, together apart? For a globalized world, more connected than ever, to have to shut its doors? For our only access to each other be through masks, over six feet of distance, across and within walls? How extraordinary is our new ordinary; how ordinary is our new extraordinary? And how have we survived?


From thirty-two contributors, in this issue, among others, you’ll find frenzied breakfast routines and banana bread; stay-at-home playlists and a domestic dance sequence; haunted cats and Gertrude Stein-ian ASMR; indoor-based audio field recordings and a shaky vlog; various interpretations of isolation (of course) alongside love and promise (necessary); and a fair amount of "gardening."


Thank you fabulous contributors, whom we appreciate dearly and love forever!