**To participate in OF ZOOS Issue 9.1, check in with the hammerhead shark.**



The heron delivers Issue 8.1 — C . O . D . E , December 2019/January 2020.


A celebration of systematic, procedural writings, this issue also inquires: how is poetry (as code) both rule-abiding and rule-nonconforming; both automated and human? How do its symbols convey, disrupt, or obscure?


In this issue, among others, you’ll find a twenty-line poem that reshuffles with every page refresh, complete with 1,216,451,004,088,320,000 permutations and combinations; poems written by the Facebook hive mind and predict-the-next-word language models; a visual piece built upon binary notation and an old Chinese myth; a poem inspired by the codeswitching and slangs used in contemporary revolutionary Hong Kong; and even a very functional crossword puzzle.


Thank you fabulous contributors, whom we appreciate dearly and love forever!