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The great heron delivers Issue 6.1 — Faithless Translation, September 2017.


A celebration of the baddest, most ill-behaved translations. What happens when language is allowed to roam beyond its domestic fences? When it is newly dressed in garments gifted by a lover? When the so-called authenticity of the "original" is no longer the first moral point of reference?


Featuring an American girl lost in Malay; a couple playing broken telephone with Du Fu; an “insignificant” Japanese poet translated in 2016 with commentary from 2066; a series of self-interventionist text messages; English-to-English; misreported Famous Old Men Poets; a meditation on the underlying faithfulness of oddly-translated Thai hymns; and more infidelities.


The languages used include German, Vietnamese, Romanian, Norwegian, Indonesian, and Chinese, among others; the poets from at least ten different countries.


Thank you fabulous contributors, whom we appreciate dearly and love forever!