Issue 4.1--The Art of the Review




"Am reading more of Oscar Wilde. What a tiresome, affected sod." —Noël Coward (1899–1973)




The vital, symbiotic relationship between art and criticism moves us along and on and on, but we don't often take the time to examine it.


An artist can be validated or discredited by a critic's superfluous words. However, in turn, the critic's own work is, by definition, parasitical and contingent on the artist's in order to first exist. Who has the greater legitimacy then—artist or critic? Where or with whom do we place artistic integrity?


OF ZOOS would like to celebrate this strange and incendiary process of art/criticism by acknowledging that the critic can indeed be the artist—and the artist the critic—with issue 4.1 being centred on THE ART OF THE REVIEW. We will accept submissions of the following natures, or of any other related mutant forms:


1. Review a literary classic with no prejudices or predispositions towards its legacy

2. Submit your own poem and an accompanying review of it

3. Submit a poem and let us appoint a stranger to review it

4. Write a poem in response to a review

5. Write a review in a literary or poetic style

6. Review a meal; review a person; review an experience; review a state of mind

7. Design a review, illustrate a review, or film a review

8. Review a review

9. Etc.


Please send all submissions to, for consideration in issue 4.1. Include your biography and a brief description of your work and its genesis.


We are open to collaborative ideas and would love to help or think things through with you at any point of time during your creative process. Feel free to drop us a note at with any questions and requests; or if you just want to give us a heads up on your plans.







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