Issue 3.1 -- Found Poetry


We will hold a four month–long found poetry seminar that will lead up to publication of issue 3.1.



Every month begins with a predetermined text.


Participants write as many or as little poems as they desire, throughout the month, that are “found” from the text. “Poems” can be literary, graphic, audiovisual, performative, etc.


During the month, participants can choose to submit as many or as little of these poems to, for consideration for issue 3.1. Meanwhile, they are encouraged to share poems on an open Issue 3.1 Facebook group.


At the end of the month, a new text will begin the next month and we write again.


These four months and four texts will culminate in the publication of Issue 3.1.


To participate, ask to join our Issue 3.1 Found Poetry Facebook group. Joining is not mandatory, but prompts, updates, and poems will be shared in the open group.


You can join at any time, and leave at any time. There is no maximum or minimum quota for the number of poems you will write or submit. All poems, however, will go through final consideration before publication.






 You can find this issue here.