OF ZOOS publishes annually at the end of the year. We publish poetry and its sub-brances, a.k.a. any form of “poetically sensible art” (fiction/prose, visual art & photographs, audiovisuals, etc.) based on dedicated features every year. We put out yearly themed calls sometime in the spring (around May) and close submissions in the fall (around September).


**Visit the hammerhead shark for our yearly theme.**


Submit all work to ofzooseditor@gmail.com. Please include in the subject title SUBMISSION: "TYPE/ SUBMISSION"/"NAME," i.e., “SUBMISSION: Poetry/Tan Ah Kow.”



Please include an artist biography (i.e. your hometown/GRC, whether you think Tian Tian chicken rice is overrated, your guilty pleasure in music (Picture of You, Boyzone, anyone?), where else your work has been published).


For more experimental or genre-crossing submissions, you might consider including a brief description of your work, which we will gladly publish alongside the piece.


We claim non-exclusive one-time rights. As the author of your work, you are entitled to submit and publish your work simultaneously, as well as again in the near future, though of course we ask that you kindly credit us as first publishers. As an unofficial formality, we ask that you inform us anyway if your work is accepted elsewhere, so we can give due credit (or give others chance lah). We also accept previously published poems. Please do state when and where the magic happened.