“A poem’s completion is an arbitrary thing, and yet it isn’t. Imagine an awkward ballroom dance. Image over. Will you remember it? Probably not, and so poems can also be fleeting. Completions are slightly overrated. The opening ceremony of a building involves cutting some ribbons, and yet the building is not static. It is a place, a home, open to ruin. There’s demolition art. Poems and buildings have some similarities. There are infinity pools and moldy basements, and if the door closes and no one hears it, is it A Clockwork Orange? To work towards completion, in a way, is like the ending of a silent gong. Except the sound doesn’t end there.”



                                                                                          ~ ~ ~











as many many, excess is also morally
grounded. Theory about never looking
in, says how much tra can be eaten.
Extra is the way the newspapers used to be sold and gum is chewed
on a tree, three times the size of a skyscraper, so that the idea
of extra doesn’t have to anymore. Regarding
the essay, the extra effort is necessary insomuch
as the thing that goes before ordinary, denoting greatness.
What does it matter when we type these days?
When the line break is just the way we enter
into another line and we write extra
to try to do extra and extra is the name of the dog
that got run over. In a country that is extra,
the way colonies work is also
about writing and necessarily how
clouds are distorted when a three-year old draws about how
no one cares about the slant in the way your “A” looks.





for once
you hear


force that is light to turn on when switched on board that is the impending malfunction is that video title, technique they use in that class, the other one is true, the other one is false, the argument has a logic that falters as all scaffolds are built to be at once the place where one hopes not to fall from the metal hooks that are spaces haunting