Joey Chin: “From December last year to March this year, I was working on a series of cento derived from books held under the Arts collections of the Leeds Arts University in the UK. It was part of an exhibition called Library Interventions: Moving Knowledge, exploring Umberto Eco’s The Name of the Rose. I analysed the recurring motifs and topics in the novel, and generated titles categorised under those subjects/themes in the Library’s catalogue. The methodology involved splitting titles into nouns and verbs, which I would adapt into a cento. The excel sheet attached was something I never got about to completing (I did write one random line).”


Iain Lim Jun Rui: “I have composed a bricolage around the line that Joey has written: ‘What they say about culture: cult and error.’ It is an attempt at semantics by exploring the malleability of meaning and language through postmodernity and meme culture. Instead of peering through a physical library like Joey, I recollected several dozens of meme pages that I follow on Facebook in addition to various mixed media files that I've kept as an Internet hoarder. I believe I have succeeded in finishing the work with regards to exploring the diachronicity and synchronicity of poetry as a medium. At the very least, I hope it entertains.”




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