**To participate in OF ZOOS Issue 12.1, check in with the hammerhead shark.**



The heron delivers Issue 11.1 — ARCHIVAL PAPER, January 2023


To celebrate a decade of OF ZOOS, we welcome, ironically, ARCHIVAL PAPER—an issue that refuses to be contained within the screen of your device and that exists "IRL," out there, beyond, in hands, on walls, in archives, in the trash.


We invited contributors to engage with the OF ZOOS archives, take the sentimental out of the retrospective, explode it into something new. We also asked for archival work that is attuned to the physicality and fact of paper. The result: a chapbook sewn shut, good old foolscap, .ppts and .pdfs, a literal "long" poem, a communal editing event (complete with friends and drinks), and more.


Thank you, fabulous contributors, for generously gifting us your work, and sustaining and inspiring us for ten years—and hopefully more. We appreciate you all dearly.



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