seeing that keller wants the apple centred
on the table she says dealing her cards
her mannish hands her three of hearts
how she wants it as it always was in tawas
the way behind the things of the real
lies the ontological and epistemological
realm of the rarefied idea or the ideal
as tiresias would have it his finger already
drawing a line in the sky over harrisville
then wet sand to say come here to make
a clear divide between the conceptual
and the sensory where kant is in repose
sipping a mocktail its sugar like the finite
incontrovertible self strung up in the world
an eternal practice never to return
to the infinite beyond nature at au sable
like keller walking into two museums
and seeing art and history in the abstract
her own ordinary speech a language of
curves and angles and method and removal
like the angel’s wingbone in a jacket pocket
and christopher reid admitting to a fetish
then talking about jaguars and the sphinx
and the carved bone they make of others