below: procedural sea

                                                                  above: pixel cloud, Cessna simulation zipping past


           here: roughcast beach, dead codes tossed about, liquid-crystal tidepool


                                                                                        there: shapes of whales,

                                                                                                     submarines, sets and

                                                                                                     folds of seas, procedural











           crunch of shale and fried resistors

                                                                  heavy steps

                                                                                       tapered sigh

                                                                                                             shutting down









audio file salvaged from airship wreck:

I hope the half-buried poem I left / on the slopes of your cheeks still quiver with breeze / Slumped

in a cragged cliff / i’ll fold you a kiss swaddled in fish









bugs and hailstorm

                                  outside. here, CPU heat

                                                                                 fiberglass window, asbestos blanket



                                                                                            clickety-clack, clickety-clack









fields of errors, dry grass smell

                                           mirrored horizon gashing the eye

                                                                                    5G butterfly perched on my nose


All sounds, posing as field recordings, were actually made from household items: landscapes have been conjured from blankets, climates from coffee mugs. No synths or audio effects were used. All of it has been made indoors.