a society in self-isolation

people bow at each other

to keep a respectable social distance

like basho

all by myself

in a paper coat


in a pair of disagreeable zori sandals

i will waddle into

a love hotel

amenities are abundant

in quietude

i will listen to loudness

of lotus leaves

the backside of a frog

leaping into a pond

might get me enlightened

or maybe not

between bites of exquisite whale, tuna and eel sashimi

i will reset my palette

with a shot of fiery sake

whenever i like

i will go ride

the great waves off kanagawa

taking a walk in the cemetery i

hope to meet again erika

the six-year-old girl

who has been called to rest

that’s how

i will tide over my woes

that’s how i want to go

at the end of the day —

you won’t be such a bother

under the swords of the zombi samurais






shall i begin with

unlearning how to live

be it pestilence, or



what’s the point of solidarity

from solitude

when a wayward world

sways you and me


if i could accomplish

the deed of dying i

might at least learn to appreciate

the cost of timber

for my own coffin


should i have a wet shave

and a warm bath first

to part with the fun of

my own company