my tickertape thoughts are livestreaming straight from iran

where a hostage-taker died [New cases: 932] from contracting

coronavirus & rome’s papal balcony where pope francis tested negative

thank [LIKE] god & back to iran the supreme leader plants a tree

with latex gloves & proclaims spreading covid-19 is a sin

& in wuhan the eye doctor [Your Amazon Prime order] who first warned

the world dies [click for contactless delivery] & the dog in hong kong

with the ancestral S-strain barks at nothing in particular [Subject: “I hope

this email finds you well”] & no-one break-dances around the new york

subway pole, the lightning rod the bacterial bomb [Free Sleep Meditations]


THEIR LOVERS & we all looked like k-pop stars in black face masks

& we CT-scanned, double-swabbed, x-rayed, temperature-checked [Ad: Get Fit

at Home] the mailbox air & cut to korea the promised leader of the shincheonji

church of jesus cries [TraceTogether App: We Need You] on his knees at a press

conference & in paris [Your screen time was up 28% last week] the mona lisa

is finally alone & we look at each other’s kneecaps because the virus

[up next on Spotify] travels through the wide-open eye & i can hear the

six-year-old girl next door playing hot cross buns over & over

again on her recorder & hundreds of families leave pixelated

flower bouquets [Mood Booster playlist] at virtual qingming shrines

& off the coast of japan the grand princess crew prepares a special valentine’s

meal [15% off takeaway] for the stranded sick & singapore did almost everything

right [SWIPE] except for counting migrant workers as humans & how many

the delicate droplets from the cough & lemon lozenge sun caught [#FlashDeal]

in a venetian gondola’s epiglottis & the eighty-six-year-old sweeping

shanghai disneyland’s main street [Circuit Breaker Measures Extended]

& look at the dow jones go & go & there is a beauty to the neat boxes

blocking off one square meter between customers in the grocery checkout lane

[LIKE] & to think we started off with parasite winning best picture [LOVE]