People lurk like shadows in the city zoo.

Creatures stand mummified in cages.

A sign by the freeway says subversives are welcome here.


Afraid of losing ourselves, we embrace

the modern world’s audio gospel. The voices say

this world is sterile of life and Heaven is full.


People lurk like shadows in the city’s zoos and

in the sewers the politicians will eventually rename.

We are all rotten apples now.






Blood red in the snow, a tiny spray of drops

an arc of unjust accusations frozen in time.

This place is more oil than air, echoes

rusted metal teeth snapping taut on a hand full of claw.


This spot, here, where her foot landed, where the trap is sprung.

She is white against the snow, like soft spikes of thin mercury, liquid,

tufts of white fur glowing bright against the brutal iron clasp

her nose quivers black and tiny, sees me, knows who I am.






eyes closed against the light ears

back against the noise feet pressed

against the ground no away I go

you can’t catch me


whiskers twitch against my cheeks

even breathing is too loud not safe

fingernails pick at wood and dirt

and away I go you’ll


never catch me.