as in [bodies] creating anti[bodies]. an anatomy of abjection. a biology of subjection. as in mirroring of molecules in [bodies]. a strain is a some[body]. is maybe a no[body]. is maybe a home[body]. a name disem[bodied]. a name can still be an object of violence. any [body] can be an anomaly. anomalies aggregate into anomie. [bodies] in bed. [bodies] at work. displaced dogs[bodies]. [bodies] at risk. [bodies] collecting. [bodies] casketing. [bodies] contorting. distort the under[body]. disinfect the [body]suits. distance the [body]building of society. what does it mean to be [body]less. do [bodies] matter. an immunoglobulin is a goblin that eats foreign [bodies]. [bodies] will be [bodies]. a goblin em[bodies] anti-matter. [bodies] cast out. what is em[bodied] in a vacuum. [bodies] are just [bodies]. [bodies] producing [bodies] producing paths. as in a vaccine is a [body] is a path out of suffering. what [bodies] are then left behind?