victims were dispatched
by licking postage stamps
or battered to death by church bells.
They were stabbed with icicles,
stunned by falling pots, poisoned
by cats’ claws, locked alive
in steamer trunks, found dead
wearing looks of appalling terror.
All over England, bodies were
being discovered by housemaids
in private libraries, & under the
rose bushes by backyard gardeners.
There was murder in Mayfair,
on trains, under trains, in airships,
between the acts.  Golfers
stumbled over corpses.  But that’s
all been replaced by grisly shootings
captured by the security monitor
at the end of your block.

Peter J Grieco is a former school bus driver and university professor who has taught English language and literature in Ankara and Seoul. He curruenty studies mathematics and French in Buffalo, NY, his native city. His work has appeared recently in Post Poetry, Dear Sir, New Writing, Heavy Hands, Black Heart, House Organ, and Indefinite Space.