“I’ve been working on a predictive text series with the app SwiftKey. I create chunk texts using the predictive text, and then create poetry by only editing for grammar.”



                                                                                          ~ ~ ~






























































































my phone is in a perpetual boot loop 

can you please send
me the link, for this
to work i am in need


of the hard drive. 
i’m back with the police
to help me get


into my head, register
interest in the morning sun. 
ma wakes us all


the way you lie with
your family in the afternoon.
we discuss a few things


closest to my heart. 
trust in him to be honest
with you all the time;


i have been trying
to find you the past 3 years
and i love you.





this streak of sunlight annoys me


eternal sunshine of the spotless mind
is very much like a film with all
the best tomorrows
people who have seen them
in their native languages
use it to be useful for the people
who have been involved with the rest
are you free to meet for a chat
or something more than just messenger
if you can come earlier that’s fine though
so no need to worry about that
as I am going to be away for the weekend
and I will be there for the rest of the days





clams and prawns sounds better than crabs



lust is there anyway. if you can come earlier
then let me know when you want me to pop


round at lunchtime to pick up the keys for you.
on thursday we can arrange for the deposit back,


to be paid in full before we leave for the airport.
on arrival as the dark draws our door will be closed.



sloth and the lost will never forget our wedding.
on friday as they were a bit out of the way


you lie, part time in London for your birthday.
on sunday night you can still write your emails


on your palm. if you want to know how much
I owe you for the show of support, for the next,


talk my poems as part of the presentation.
right now I have to go to the doctors.





running away lost in three-way


i have attached my updated profile
with this mail as my application
for the post on your palm.
if you want me to fetch you
from here, or if i need to go
to her to pick up the keys,
then let me chart these ribs
and send them to you.




picture is a bit more than that.
we can go ahead with the same
time, frame the other one for me.
the lost will never forget our wedding.
we will be grateful if we could arrange
for the deposit back for the next
course of action in our hearts,
as soon as sunlight seeps.




ok i have done the wrong thing
for my wife and she is going
to have her birthday present
for the weekend; i will be there
for the evening she has changed
the harshness of this life.




i have learnt much from the last
few days and I haven’t had any
further communication since the last time.
we see each road reach its conclusion.
the blindness meets our needs
and we will be grateful for your help.
in the morning, we will endeavour
for the same thing on the train.
at the earliest possible time,
place the appointment to stay.





the lighthouse stops rotating, the world keeps on spinning



phone later today so i can alert
my client to confirm the estimated
delivery time. is okay for me,


when you want me to pop
over at lunchtime, email


a quick hello



21 pilots is the one that clings
for your birthday. wish for the day


when i cried out, to miss her a lot
more than a year ago.


the first time she had a baby,
it was born with me in the loop -



i whisper for rain to come back
from reservist. with the snow last night,
it seems like the weather is pretty
cold now so i’ve been feeling a bit rough.
today, the sun will look like it’s been shot
by the wind; today it’s just a bit
like the snow last week.



here, posters for the next few days
but the ones that really grow are you.


free to meet for a chat sometime soon?
please eat when you can –
tell me what you want,


to go for service this Sunday
as i have a blessed week ahead.



in this future i am going through
the process to complete the project.
i can get my first round the next month.


i will be there for the rest of my poems
i will haunt poetry with my parents.
they were a bit out of the boat


but we have a new daughter
who is now in the process of getting a dog.
my favourite songs are for her.