Krstyalle Teh: “I wrote this series of micro-stories (story fragments?) according to a very specific dirge-like rhythm/melody while I worked at a dull, monotonous job. I wrote each ‘story’ as I would a melody or a song verse, and I could never figure out how to lend them some semblance of a narrative structure. I abandoned them at last, but this is not to say that they are dead. To my mind, they are merely lying in stasis as half lives of something I would eventually like to complete . . .”


Ng Sze Min: “The characters in these stories have a special and personal relationship with the balcony. Through the lyrics of the song, I summed up the inner voices of the characters and expressed the thoughts they had in common, taking inspiration from the particular line: ‘the entire city had been built with no exit.’ Though the characters were going through life quite differently, the balcony was where they all felt most comfortable, safest, most ‘outside.’”




                                                                                          ~ ~ ~












Close to the window
If the only outside is in


’cause they
They built a city
With no exit