what kinda fettle ya in today pet?
like the pen doesnae wanna write a tell ya
the battle wi’ the mind
the battle wi’ writing
to write or not
to stare at a page
dinnae bother hinny
its nae gonna get yer anywhere but
yer a canny lass
ye naa what te de
mebbees write mebbees dont
but dinnae de nothing
deein nowts not where its at
think o’ yer mother
she’ll be wetting hersel at awl that man
put her in reet bad fettle
yer awn mother
telling yer to get a job
can ye no get a little job Julie?
You’re a clivvor lass
I dinnae knaa what happened to ya
what yer deein like?
I thowt you’d be something here
ye did well at school bonny lass
why aye pet
carry on wi’ yer writing
follow the money
mebbees be a ghost writer?
If ye diven’t knaa what te dee, dee nowt