Light spills from beneath the awning,

nets in a puddle of tattooed air as it

travels over her pale features. A face

grows in concentration. Follows by an

exhaling of tangled peals, searching

for escape. Dizzy from the pull of swift

release and jarring hysteria, she unfurls

those long fingertips. Reaching for the

buoyant silhouette. Dovetailing with the

flutter of its yellow haired river. It nibbles

at the fingered suspension. Soft eyes, one

in a surprise caught, and the other veils

in shadow, leaning back into itself. Doubt

latches on to the skirt of the percussive

energy, sluggish. Like a naked dandelion

head floating awkwardly with broken stem,

empties through of downy plume. At the

sudden stir of air passing over them,

recognition shapes. In condensation and

smoke. Where the light is enchained and

acoustic vignettes tote along to shoulder

the notes of memory over. It knows what

she knows. It feels the same impressions

of her sensibility and riddled dreams. Atoms

dance across twined fingers. Breaths fusing

at the nubs in an ever curving flow of ions.

Twin bones. Twin fates. Forging into one.

Into an alphabet of matter and light.