Yuan Changming & Ong Sher Li

 “According to the observer…”

“…inexplicably and inconceivably beautiful…”








Louise Keller reviews Under the Skin (2013)

    “…frustrates in the final analysis.”








Lana Bella

    “…grows in concentration…”









Rohan Naidu

    “…dear Frost, there is no road not taken.”









Daryl Yam, after Rene Magritte

 “Nothing sadder…”







Tyler Allen Penny

 “Semantic satiation…”







Brad Trumpfheller

 “I still don't know which part.”










Casidhe Ng reviews The Duchamp Syndrome

 “…pushes theatrical conventions at every turn,

drifting between the real and surreal…”








Jee Leong Koh reviews Collier Nogues

 “Rewriting textbooks is…a legal fiction.”








Ian Wong reviews Changming Yuan & Ong Sher Li

    “The Poet describes a kind of insect…”








Shirley Lu responds to Louise Keller

    “An impossible impenetrable sensory experience…”








Tse Hao Guang reviews Lana Bella

    “…the relationship between writer and reviewer is

    invested with all kinds of psychic tensions.”








Ang Ming Wei

    “I am writing as a concerned parent

     to criticise…”







Korey Williams, after Daryl Yam

    “What is it about evening light?”







Janice Heng reviews Tyler Allen Penny

    “Too many long words.”








E. X. Kermote reviews Brad Trumpfheller & others

    “Apocalypse, one must remember, is a transitional state     rather than a true end.”










Antonio Vega responds to Kim Lim in a Q&A

    “…when a critic gets it totally wrong…”