Yuri and Gogo

If Gagarin meets Yubari
    Slumming at a bar
Dare Gagarin ask Yubari:
    how d'you like my car?


Now I don't mean to impugn Sir G
    With tint of paedophile
Cause this is all a jape, you see
    In arch bathetic style.


Says Yubari to Gagarin
    Narrowing her eyes:
"Why don't you lean in close, dear sir
    I have a small surprise."


Now Gagarin and Yubari
    Have some history,
Both archetypes in dreamscape
    You might gather this to be.


Says Gagarin to Yubari
    "Nice try, pretty girl
But you'll not scotch a gentleman
    Who's kited round the world"


What does Gagarin in my cosmos
    Truly represent?
As for Yubari, does her fashion
    Reveal a certain bent?


Yuri pulls a stiffer drink
    And asked "So what's your quarrel?
I wasn't aware our separate tale
    Shared any sort of moral."


Gagarin wrote my fantasies
    With daylight shade of ink;
Yubari puts the sugar in pop
    (I don't mean what you think).


Gogo utters a single name
    While bristling: "Vladivostok!"
Silence springs to seize the scene
    From Yuri's sudden shock.


What does earthbound mystery
    Provoke at its extreme?
Or Shaolin style and Harajuku
    Blended up in theme?


Gogo says: "You heard me sir;
    I know I didn't stammer."
Sharp from behind her pleated skirt
    She swings her meteor hammer.


With Gagarin and Yubari
    Battling at the bar,
My thoughts retreat to reverie
    And when it's gone too far.

                                                        Uche Ogbuji