Gangnam Poem #1


          "I am a man whose thought is more rough and bumpy than muscles"

          —Park Jae-Sang (PSY)


I'm a guy whose emotions swell bigger than his muscles.
A lady who is warm will easily notice how sensitive I am.

When in pants or not, I present the same curiosity.
People ask me if I've considered being a professional.
I usually do what I was made to do when fully dressed.
Virtuous women all catch what is happening to their air.

I'm a hot, versatile masterpiece
while dancing, drinking, & texting.
My tongue can change accordingly
when a polite chat becomes intimate.

I am happy to let a woman in a dress
that gets bluer in the night lead me
away from the bright dance floor.

Before she ever lets me into her home, I'll hush my cell
so my mouth can do a little talking. Once inside, I'm the
type of man who'll one shot his Jameson to have another.

She'll lead me with her eyes to the end of her hallway.
After that, the feelings I've kept within myself will emerge.

No lady wants to talk much with me once she knows how I feel.
She will want my thoughts more gently put than words allow.

My eloquence takes on its own style for a girl. I'm that kind of guy.

Gangnam Poem # 2



A classy girl's heart 
is a braided pony mane 
soaking in the sun's glow.

There is a sensuousness 
to the tissue thin ribbons 
that hold it together snugly.

A simple flick of her thick neck fills
her hair with a shiny, dark playfulness.


I have my own style of tossing dried
tulip arrangements from my windowsill. 

I pitch the bulbs out the door 
like a girl letting her hair down. 

A girl whose ideas are more bulging than her breasts
will see the tumbling red fog of dust & crumpled petals.

I'm a man who knows she will
smell the air when it's so redolent
of fresh golden bales of sexy lady hay.


I'm a man
who often experiences
sudden reversal attractions.

A humane girl's beauty yanks me
from my horse hop by the loop
of my own taut, yellow riata.

I can throw my body forward when the time comes.
Even if the sky goes over my head, I'll lie still 
when the lady tests her legs on my back.

I will gladly stop for a girl who can keep her balance.
I will follow her into the deeper blues of a warm night.  

Gangnam Poem # 3


Heeee[It is better to have your heart beat than
to have no one bother to lift an arm]eee[Fucking
someone for a night is closer to hateeeee [That
having been said: some like hot hoteeeee [Love
is cool] eeeeeeeee [My ability to love and be

loved back dwarfs any fear of being alone]eeee
eeeeey. Seeee[I do not think looks matter at all]eeee
eeeee[Everyone gets prettier when they admit flaws]eeeex

xxxxx[You are worth my screams]xxxxx[Open up]yyyyy
laaaaaa[your eyes to see that mine will hold the hurt]ddd
dd[your body keeps so time means more than the pressure
of holding onto one's breath ]yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!

N.W. Hall likes to make poetry. Some of these poems are about things or people he cares about. That's okay by him. Please see other poems by N.W. Hall in Blackbox Manifold, spork, Zygote in my Coffee, Shampoo, and Word Riot.