This series compares childhood experiences of a place through images from books and adult experiences on site. When we derive a sense of a place through images we have to realise that the image is really just ink on paper in a box or pixels on a screen, mimicking what our eyes see as a place. It is up to our imagination to generate a sense of place outside of that box. In this manner, I romanticised many places in my mind as a child, places like the Rocky Mountains, New Zealand and Yosemite.


Orogenies was a series made in Yosemite. I scanned images from books about Yosemite, made long digital prints from it, brought it there, threw it in the air and photographed them as ephemeral sculptures.


My visit to Yosemite in 2015 showed me that it was not what I romanticised it to be as a child. Yet in these photographs I made there, I feel that I unconsciously sought to retain the sense of wonder I grew up with, in these seemingly perfect beautiful levitating forms over the landscape.


Subsequently, I continued this series in the Pamir Mountains in Central Asia.