Worst case scenario: we're alive. This is it. The Big Show


Nothing new under the sun. 2 feet on the ground, no refutation of gravitational penumbra


Zen of Bullshit. No spiritjargon, no revival. No shamans spinning in the fire


No raindance; no rain, no dance


No rim shot, no side-bench; no cheerleaders, no audience; no players, no coach, no game. Nothing but net


Swaddled light, Hush: How obscene


Freaksilence. City lodged in your canyon mouth. Ring of wet skulls. Bug guts on splotchy windshield of yr soul.


Infinite Circle as Liar. Human Heart as pontific asshole


Pinch of sand in the desert. Pinch of thirst. Pinch of faith. Sawtoothed, dickless ghosts. Ghosts wearing sheets. Ghosts razing graves with feckless fury. Ghosts watching Ghost w/ Patrick Swayze


The wind blowing yr head off on a shotgun night


Jettisoned heart, AKA meat. Junk-lump of something to piece apart with rusty talon. A polished apple, rotted, rootless to the core


Yr grandmother in a rocking chair with a broken neck. Cuticles stained. Wax buildup in her ear


Other possibilities: vile, two-dollar motel thoughts. Knifeglimmer. Fist-splutter. Rodeo ruckus. Lukewarm inferno. Sucking ether through a barbed straw, downing dust through a colander


Phone booth wrapped in Christmas lights. Dog shit w/ cocktail umbrella. Pearl of light encased in sea of grease, eels slogging through the slick in search of


Escalator to nowhere


A toothless man daring you to throw the first punch in a church parking lot


Tongueflick & thighflecks. Sawdust Zeus. Riot rhythmic, candy clawed pincers. Waist w/ built-in zipper


Another alternative: sidereal overtures. Bird-quiet. Jab of faith w/cosmic confetti. Exorcismic break- dancing


Mere suggestion of mannequin tears. Music box decked in Yes. A starving dog called Hope. Shredded maps caught in yr eye. Sailing home on half heartheaves


Yet another: dungeon of guilt. Yr clavicle on a hook, waving hello. Gallows full


Profound realization: the experience of flying nearly identical to that of drowning


Dim lit dandelions. Rabbit fur on fire. Blinking trap with a note that reads Do Not Touch. Leaky faucets & shit poems. Mud pies & Saturn


Smuggling hot air balloons into the sky under threat of amputation


Crawling into yr casket, sewing yr mouth shut. Yr grace an irradiated lake


Flesh. Wire. Casing. Gnawing, Gnawing.


Et Cetera Et Cetera Et Cetera Et Cetera Et Cetera Et Cetera Et Cetera Et Cetera Et Cetera Et Cetera Et Cetera Et Cetera Et Cetera Et Cetera Et Cetera Et Cetera


Best case scenario: always an inch from beginning but not yet begun. Pre-unfurling. Pre-Albatross


An arrangement of beautifully blown champagne flutes overflowing with gasoline, waiting in style for corks to pop, sparks to pour